1. The historical context here is so very important, and I especially appreciate you highlighting the double standards and hypocritical stance so many have taken on this issue. I am so incredibly excited to visit, my first time. And I really, really agree on the opportunity that this is for local bloggers as well, many whom I know are excited to attend and network as well. Great read!

  2. Yes, I plan to attend TBEX Africa! I’ve been to S. Africa twice and was anxious to find my way back to the continent to explore the region deeper. I’ve created travel videos and blogs, but more so as a “tourist” of sights to see and things to do. After reading your wonderful blog post, I now see a need to find a way to collaborate with the residents of Zimbabwe. The wheels in my head are turning. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!!

  3. Krissy

    This post is very informative…I learned alot just now. I must say thou I admire Mr Mugabe i think he speak his mind on alot of issues and I know for a fact from people who was in a position like that never tried to do that. He’s unapologetic. TBEX coming to Africa i think is an amazing idea…..great read x

  4. Hey! I am not going to TBEX but I will be visiting Zimbabwe next month on a trip. I really enjoyed reading your perspective and after a long time grappling whether or not I should go, I’ve made the decision to. I agree that the people who suffer most are every day people who have nothing to do with their government. Going to Zimbabwe does not condone what Mugabe has done — and it’s possible to tell stories of Zimbabwe while still acknowledging the wrongdoing.

    I also think the people who are hypercritical of those visiting Zimbabwe do not take the time to truly assess their own travel history. How many blogs are coming out about how amazing India, Cuba, Thailand, UAE, The Philippines are? And rarely do you see criticism. Yet these countries are not without humanitarian crimes of their own — few countries totally are. Your point about wildlife was a new one I hadn’t considered yet makes total sense. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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