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photoHi, I’m T. Michelle, The Travel Sista.  I’m a black female from the USA and I love to travel.  I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, which shares a border with Canada.  As a child, my family took regular road trips to Windsor, Toronto, Niagara Falls and other Canadian cities (At that time, you could easily cross the border with nothing more than a birth certificate, which wasn’t even regularly checked.  Now, you need a passport or passport card).  It was my first introduction to a different country, culture, and language.  And it made me want to see more of the world.

Fast forward more years than I care to admit.  I graduated high school, went to college, and then started my career as a lawyer.   Somehow my plans to see the world took a backseat to student loans and other adult obligations.  Like most Americans, my vacations took the form of weekend trips, family holiday visits, and one-week escapes.   I was lucky to travel throughout the United States, but only minimally abroad.  I recently vowed to change that.  I set a life goal to visit every continent, and as many countries within each, as I possibly can.  Thus far, I’ve traveled to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and France.  Obviously, I’ve got a lot more traveling to do.  Come join me as I explore the world.


  1. Primcess Walsh

    Hi T. Michelle,

    I am a fellow female African American traveler and I was wondering if you had time to talk about your travels as well as how you have become self-employed. I am looking to do something similar and wondering where to start. If you see my email address, please, send me an email at your convenience. If not, please respond acknowledging this post and I will figure out how to get you my contact info (without everyone else visiting this page to get it as well :))

    Thanks and safe travels!

  2. A curious visitor.

    Hello Michelle.

    I just want to say that you have a fascinating website and I like that fact that you and other travelers of Africa are giving African Americans like me ..an insight into the truth about Africa.

    I admit..like most African Americans like myself, media’s depiction about the continent always seemed to consist of emaciated people,safaris or the infamous Tarzan pictures. I remembered being bewildered about this ..telling myself that there has got to be more to Africa than what I’m seeing on TV. My Mother has always taught me and my siblings that there are ” two sides to every story” .I’m glad that she taught us because the Africa on TV isn’t the Africa u tell us about.

    My curiosity for Africa peaked a little after crushing over a Liberian guy as a 13 year old but it really took off almost 15 years ago ( I believe) when I went I went to my local library and checked out a book called ” Kinship : A family’s journey in Africa And America” by the late Phillipe Wamba. It’s a great book. In it ,he discussed about being a bicultural child of a Congolese father and African American mom,being raised in the US and Tanzania,being a child of a freedom fighter and having hopes of Africans and African Americans coming together as one. Though I’m a person who struggle to read books without pictures being in them,through his words,Phillips gives some of the most picturesque descriptions of his adopted country of Tanzania..one of the countries I would like to visit. Other African countries that I’m also curious about includes Senegal,Morocco, Senegal , Liberia,South Africa ,Mali ,Ghana and Kenya.

    Currently,I’m trying to learn French,Spanish and Portuguese..which was something I’ve always wanted to do since birth as Ive always wanted to be bilingual. A Senegalese friend made me want to visit his neck of the woods showing me those gorgeous beaches,the beautiful art and architecture of his country and the laid back life the Senegalese seem to have. Along with him trying to help me with my French..he also taught me a little Wolof ( Senegalese ethnic language)..lol! It would help me in case I visit his country..Since the natives speaks both.

    Honestly,I admit to being afraid of having fear of planes and heights.Even if I werent, my mom isn’t well and needs care which prevents me from doing it but I still believe that God put a dream in my heart for a reason..to explore. Maybe one day I will.

    Far as the late Phillipe Wamba,I’m thankful that he wrote that book. He gave more pictures of some African countries without having actual photos in them. It also seem that his dream of the African diaspora visiting/ living there/ people coming together is coming to light.

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