1. Thank you for this information. Namibia is on my bucket list! I had an opportunity to go last year on a FAM trip but couldn’t make the dates. It’s looks beautiful and interesting!

  2. I’ve been to South Africa, but never Nambia! What a beautiful part of the world! It’s amazing that you can find water with flamingos and desert in the same country. I really want to do more traveling in Africa someday!

  3. As a former resident of Namibia, I think I can vouch for the fact that you’ve compiled a pretty good list! I’m really glad you added the Kunene region to your top seven, since it is with out a doubt one of the world’s most culturally interesting regions.

    The only think I would change (and this is just my personal preference) would be to swap Windhoek for Twyfelfontein in Damaraland.

    • thetravelsista

      Thanks for the tip. I didn’t make it to Twyfelfontein but I’ll add it to my list for the next time. I’m excited to go back and see more of Namibia.

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