1. Jacqueline Broussard

    Great article, thanks for the tips! We just finished our SA trip (Nov 2017). We contacted M’hudi and they indicated they do not do tours. We highly recommend visiting Thandi and Seven Sisters. Both did very engaging tastings. We were lucky enough to get the Thandi winemaker as our tour/tasting guide during one of the rare moments he was around. Very generous pours and of course in-depth info on the winemaking. I also recommend Cape Trio Tours for personalized wine tours. Granville was well-versed in viticulture and history and his personality is perfect for his line of work.

    • Lobo

      Hi! Thanks for these tips! Did you see Thandi and Seven Sisters through Cape Trio Tours? I’m going for my honemoon next week and we are trying to support black/coloured businesses as much as possible. We definitely want to visit Seven Sisters and Magna Carta but not sure if we should drive ourselves or go through a tour, such as Cape Trio.

      Any info on your experience would be great!

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